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Many churches have problems with their sound but don't have a good way to train their sound techs.


Attaway Audio provides proven sound training for church sound volunteers, so they can serve with excellence, eliminate distractions, and play their part in leading worship.


Mariana, Mexico

“I’ve been an audio volunteer for over 15 years, but even though I’ve read all the manuals and websites I thought I needed, it has been almost impossible for me to get some of the concepts that I’m finally getting with the way James teaches the content.”

“Out of all my education experience, James is a real mentor. He’s a professional and gives the advice and technical information needed, but he still keeps it realistic and fun. And that’s what I like most.”

Pablo, Chile

I used to stand in front of the mixer, clueless as to what the all the lights and knobs did (except the faders). Now I understand all the different tools, and the principles and physics that they’re based on. It really opened my eyes to the mistakes I used to make!

​Andreas, Sweeden