Master every part of your church sound system with Attaway Audio Academy.

With comprehensive, easy-to-understand courses, you'll get the skills and confidence you need to make every worship mix enjoyable. 

Whether you're a volunteer, worship leader, or a tech director, you can learn to use your sound system to its fullest potential and get consistent, enjoyable mixes both in-person and online.

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A Comprehensive Solution to Sound Training for Churches.

YouTube videos are great (I make them and watch them all the time).

But they don't offer a comprehensive program.

Because you don't know what you don't know, so you can't search for it.

That's why I created Attaway Audio Academy: So you can master all the steps you need to take to get consistent, enjoyable mixes, without the headache from sound problems that bring rehearsal to a halt.



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From James:

Help your congregation focus on Christ alone by mastering the sound system to make it a transparent part of your gatherings.



What courses are included in Attaway Audio Academy?

Audio for Worship Leaders

The essential audio course for worship leaders and "creative" types. No nerd-speak (without defining it).

Mixing Foundations

Discover the tools and techniques for getting clear, controlled mixes. Master the basics to lay a solid foundation for your mixing skills.

Broadcast Audio

Discover the path toward consistent, enjoyable mixes for your online audience. Whether you mix from the FOH board, or on a separate system, I'll walk you through it.

Train the Trainer

Steal my playbook for teaching new techs how to run sound at church. Build your team and multiply your skills.

Amateur to Pro

Take a deep dive into your church sound system, so you can understand what role each piece plays. Learn to set up your gear with wisdom, and understand what integrators and installers are recommending.

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PLUS: Live Weekly Q&A with James

Bring your questions and problems to our weekly live Q&A, so you can get your solution fast.

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