Take Your Team to the Next Level

Get the tools to take the skills you've learned and pass them on to your team.

Let me know you're interested in learning more about a coaching program that trains you - the trainer.  

You can't do it all yourself

I get it - you want things done the best they can be. And that's typically done by you. But there comes a point where you need a break. Or the tasks and events just get to be too much for one person to handle.

You don't want the quality to dip when you're not there. Your excellence has created an expectation that people really enjoy. And it's important too - the less people are thinking about the sound, the more they're able to focus on Jesus - the reason we gather.

There's a better way

Training people to take your place takes humility, patience, and skills that are different than the skills you've cultivated over your years of running sound.

You can rest more, stress less, and enjoy other people doing a great job at sound at church while you're a regular congregant. 

And when you're surrounded by a great team, you'll make better decisions from a place of rest rather than a place of stress. 

There's no obligation to sign up - this is just raising your hand