Take the Guesswork Out of EQ, Compression and Effects for Your Live Mixes

Get great starting places so you don't get overwhelmed with all the options

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Included with your book is a link to a FREE companion course so you can put these tips and tricks to use, even if you're brand new to EQ and compression. 

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EQ Starting Places

Pros know what they want to try before they start. It's like looking over the shoulder of someone who's been there and stealing their go-to frequencies. Plus WHY you'll pick that frequency.

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Compression Presets

Compression settings need to adapt to changing input signals. Get a couple starting places and learn what to listen for when applying the compression, so you can get a head start on mastering this tool.

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Dial-In Your Effects

Effects settings can be overwhelming. Learn how to easily fit your reverb and delays to the music to give your mixes the space, depth and feeling you need. Plus, you'll get my pre-effect EQ settings so your reverbs and delays don't clutter up your mix.

And it's already got coffee stains pre-printed on the pages, so you don't have to worry about spilling your drink on there.

If you're not sure about this, I asked some other pros what they thought...

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“This little book is a great tool. This would make any up and coming audio engineer feel more confident. I would give this little book 5 stars. Your explanation and suggestions make it easy to understand."

Isaac Moreno (Switchfoot, John Mayer, Backstreet Boys)

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“This Field Guide is a great resource for anyone who wants to dig deeper into their mix and understand how to improve the individual sounds. Full of great tips and starting points, while acknowledging that every situation is different, James is here to help you fix your mix.”

Joshua Reynolds (Little Big Town, Joe Nichols, Wynonna Judd)

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“The Field Guide is a perfect companion for any church mixing console. The simple diagrams and concise tips will help accelerate any volunteer’s learning curve without overwhelming them with technical jargon”

Jake Gosselin (Creator of Churchfront)

EQ and compression on the sound board shouldn’t be a mystery. Anyone can learn how to mix with skill.

I used to do foolish things to try and get my mix clear, like boosting high-mids on the vocals to get over the muddyness. It kinda worked, but it was prone to feedback and had the tendency to get harsh.

Then I had experienced sound techs show me better ways of getting great sounds fast. And I've refined those methods over hours and hours of mixing different drummers, bass players, guitarists, keyboards and singers. 

Don't make the same mistakes I made, and get a head-start on getting your mix EQ, compression and effects dialed in quickly. 

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