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The live, interactive, online audio course to help you make every worship mix an enjoyable one.


Audio is complicated, and there’s a bunch of great information out there. But if you don’t have a firm foundation of understanding, how do you know where each piece fits in the puzzle? How can you tell pro advice from amateur advice?

You could just keep on watching YouTube videos, learning little tricks here and there, but there’s still that jump you’re wanting deep inside, from feeling like an amateur to having the confidence and skills of a professional.

You Need Someone to Guide You

I know how hard it is to sift through all the piles of information and advice out there. Some of it is good, and some of it... not so good. I've tailored this course to be to-the-point, applicable for church sound techs, and full of professional practices that will set you on course to be the very best sound tech for your worship team. Your time is valuable, and I don't want to waste it. 

I've helped hundreds of sound techs like you

Over the last 11 years, I've been training and teaching worship sound techs the foundations of audio, mixing skills that make musicians and worship leaders happy, and how to operate with the mindset of a professional. Some of my students have passed me by in skill level, and that's fine by me! As long as people are worshipping Jesus without distraction, that's my greatest reward. 

Worship Sound Wisdom - Special Pricing

An 8-week, live, interactive course for worship sound techs. For founding members, a special 50% discounted price of $199 $99!

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Course Dates & Times

Class starts on November 5th and meets every Tuesday night at 7pm CST for 8 weeks (The last class will shuffle a bit - Definitely not doing this on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve!)

Live & Interactive

Ask questions in the middle of the lessons, so we can root out the wrong thinking that's holding you back.

Replays Available

Miss a class? Want to watch it again to memorize my bad jokes to repeat to your worship team? No problem. 

Private Facebook Group

Connect with other sound techs, with the respect and civility of a professional organization, welcoming questions from beginners and pros alike. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make the live course time?

Replays will be available shortly after the live course ends, so if you miss it, you can catch up quickly. Lots of people have signed up from different parts of the world, so after the replay goes up, I'll have Q&A times (either in the Zoom meeting or in the Facebook Group) for those in Europe, Africa and Asia in the evening, so you can join in after work. 

How long will replays be available?

The course includes lifetime access to the recorded content for any time you want to brush up and review a topic. Because it's kind of like drinking from a fire hose.

How are we going to interact live? 

We’ll host the course in a Zoom video meeting, so you’ll be able to see my teaching console, hear the tracks I’m mixing, and watch my white board as I draw some of the more technical concepts. And I’ll be able to see you, too (if you turn on your webcam… not required, but helpful if you want to ask questions). If you’re more shy and don’t want to be on camera, I’ll have the text chat turned on as well, so you can type in your questions as you have them.

Why should I pay to learn a skill to volunteer at church? 

Look around at your worship team, especially the great musicians on the team. They paid for lessons, they developed the discipline to practice, and they invested in their equipment to sound their very best. And why did they do that? To bring an excellent sound to worship Jesus at church. Investing in your own skills to serve at church is a worthy way to spend your time and money. Every member of the church benefits when you get better.

 What topics will the course cover?

We'll cover the basics of audio, the foundations of how your ear and brain hear music, and how to train your ear to hear things like a professional. From there, we'll apply that to console routing, system tuning, microphone use and mixing techniques. All the while, we'll be looking at mix elements, so you can know what the parts of a great mix sound like.

Is this course for beginners, intermediate, or advanced sound techs? 

"Maturity is mastering the basics" is one of my favorite quotes. A lot of times we're searching for the next advanced technique, or fancy plugin to take our audio mixing to the next level. But when we dig deeper, there's usually a foundational element that's out of place that keeps us from the results we want. So in this course, we're making sure that everyone, from beginners, to experienced pros, have a firm grasp of the building blocks of how sound and audio work, so that we can apply our advanced techniques with wisdom and maturity. 

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